Momentum is something you can see, measure…and feel. It’s at the heart of our content strategy.

We start by listening and asking the right questions. We pinpoint your best opportunities. We think about your current data, your marketing tech stack, your competitors, your gaps. Then we guide your brand down its own unique path to measurably better performance and impact.


Discovery & Audit

In our discovery phase, you can expect a streamlined marketing audit. We take an outside-in perspective, looking around corners. We see what you might not see. This is primarily a fact and data-driven process, but we also listen to your internal stories, your unique challenges, and where you think your best opportunities lay. And don’t worry – the heavy lifting is on our side, not yours.

Sync includes:

  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Industry trends and performance data
  • Competitor digital assessment 
  • Review of SEO rankings and hidden opportunities
  • Social listening
  • Customer journey assessment
  • Design of a custom dashboard to track results



This is where we customize a B2B content and SEO strategy just for you. We look at your goals, your competitors (everything we learned in the SYNC stage) and lay out a customized plan. 

Think includes:

  • B2B marketing strategy
  • Content
  • Digital
  • Lead gen
  • Advertising
  • Both paid and organic SEO
  • Customer journey mapping and digital storytelling
  • Outside-in brand and trends research (social listening, content analysis)
  • Tactical plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Editorial calendars
  • Performance, KPIs and goal alignment
  • A/B testing 
  • Analytics
  • Milestones


The Importance of Words

For B2B content creation and copywriting, there are two available paths. Our professional writers can create your content – or a portion of your content – on your behalf. Or we can deliver content kits that identify relevant topics, keywords, and SEO guidance. 

Ink includes:

  • B2B content creation and copywriting
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Guidelines and templates
  • Existing content optimization
  • New high-performance content creation
  • SEO optimization
  • SEO copywriting for blogs, web, apps, white papers
  • SEO-optimized asset creation including videos, infographics, ebooks, etc.
  • Lead generation campaigns  
  • Sharp content for email and drip campaigns 
  • Defining and mapping logical IFTTT pathways 
  • Powerful CTAs and actionable landing pages


Making Connections

For B2C businesses, it’s largely a volume game. But with B2B marketing strategies, you’re dealing with a much more precise target where content promotion and amplification are all about relevance and accuracy. Getting the right eyeballs on your content – and getting people to like it and engage with it – is a choreographed dance that involves creativity, SEO optimization, and a good social media and amplification strategy.

Link includes:

  • Powerful link-building strategies (and follow-through)
  • Adding value to your existing content with SEO optimization and graphics
  • Streamlined and user-friendly campaign automation
  • Social media content strategies to promote inbound engagement


Reporting & Celebration

This is the celebration stage – where we look at everything we’ve accomplished so far. The dashboards established in the SYNC phase tell the big picture story. But we take our analysis deeper to identify the next hills to climb.

Re-Sync includes:

  • Analysis of B2B content performance
  • Re-assessment of the competitive landscape
  • Prioritization of new opportunities
  • Editorial calendar refresh
  • Content optimization & new content creation

B2B customers typically form a much smaller group than B2C. They also have different search behaviors and progress down more complex sales funnels. The best B2B SEO strategies are highly tactical and recognize the importance of not just keywords but also a large number of other components around topic authority and overall performance.

  • Customizing research methodologies for each audience
  • Using advanced toolkits to support keyword research
  • Understanding search intent on a deep level 
  • Creating B2B SEO content that both Google and customers will love
  • Monitoring search performance and optimizing in real time

Already have a working content strategy – but need help with specific campaigns? We’re more than happy to bring our expertise and elbow grease to the table.

We’ve delivered hundreds of integrated B2B marketing campaigns for clients including some of the world’s largest tech companies. We’ve also crafted stand-alone marketing pieces to meet specific needs.

The definition of “campaign” can be narrow – for example, an email drip campaign. Or it can be broad, including more strategic elements such as customer journey mapping, competitive analysis, and lead acquisition and nurturing plans. We can offer services à la carte or as a strategic bundle – as you wish.

You can see our more specific service offerings as part of our end-to-end SYNC  THINK  INK  LINK  RE-SYNC™ process.

Competition around B2B branding is fiercer than ever. Your customers are subjected to so much noise that it makes it hard to for them to differentiate one brand from another. A solid, tactical brand strategy can help you rise above the clutter – and help you connect and engage with your customers in a more lasting (and profitable) way.

  • Crafting simplified and consistent messaging
  • Establishing clear positioning and brand differentiation for products and services
  • Focusing on customer-centric priorities and goals
  • Delivering data and research-driven brand strategies
  • Using social and other listening strategies to unearth your brand’s reputation

ZED did an outstanding job in understanding our market and high tech products. They devised a strategy to maximize our presence in our key markets and launched an expansion plan to take us into new markets. I highly recommend ZED for their marketing knowledge and professional staff.

Trevor, Business Development & Sales, Satellite Industry
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